8 Must-Read Cost Saving Tips for Traveling to Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands: 8 Must-Read Cost Saving Tips for Traveling to Hawaii
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#4 Enjoy free Hawaiian activities and sceneries.

Find free things to do on Hawaii for extra cost savings.

Paying daily for tours during your vacation adds up quickly and can make you feel extremely hurried and exhausted. Slow the pace of your Hawaiian vacation and save some money by enjoying a day or two hanging out at the beach. Each one of Hawaii’s beaches are free and open to the public.

Renting snorkeling equipment, surfboards, or rafts can be cheaper to rent than a boat tour. There are also free hula lessons, shows, and lei making activities across Hawaii’s malls.

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#3 Choosing the right Hawaiian Island.

The Islands of Hawaii have their own distinctive vibe. Research each island to find your best fit.

Hawaii has six major islands, visiting all of them can be very costly rather than visiting just one. Researching what each Hawaiian island has to offer and figuring out what you want most from your Hawaiian vacation will save you a lot of time and money. If you still cannot decide which island to visit and have never been to Hawaii, just choose Maui. Maui tends to be on top of lists of most travel magazines’ for the best island to travel to.

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#2 Look for vacation package deals.

Hawaiian Airlines offers package deals to make the most of your Hawaii vacation.

Buying package deals like hotel and flight costs bundled together can be a way to save $200 to $300 per person. Warehouse clubs like Costco also offer Hawaii hotel deals that include a rental car and free daily breakfasts.

Package deals are a great way to save money. Hawaiian Airlines’ vacation packages are very popular one-stop places to look for complete Hawaii vacation packages.


#1 Travel to Hawaii during off-season when you can.

When you travel to Hawaii can be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Peak holidays like Christmas, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Summer are the most expensive times to visit Hawaii. Coming in the shoulder of seasons, like the second half of August can result in cheaper travel costs and crowding across the board. Flying on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) also saves you money wherever your destination.

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