Top 10 Beaches in Hawaii

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Reminder: Always pack your trash and leave the beaches as you arrived. Never turn your back to the ocean. Always go under a breaking wave or run. If in doubt, don’t go out. Ask a lifeguard if conditions look dangerous as conditions can change at any time.

10 Punaluu (Black Sand Beach), Big Island

This beach is located on the southeast coast of the Big Island and because of the constant volcanic activity, it has black sand. Punaluu is the most famous of the black sand beaches in Hawaii. Turtle sightings are common here, but remember they are protected and do not touch them and do not remove any black sand from this beach. This beach is good for snorkeling, swimming, and picnics. The coconut palms provide shade, so it’s best to come early and grab because the black sand can get very hot in the sun. There can be strong currents at times here, so take caution. It’s recommended to enter the water from the boat ramp on the left of the beach.

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